WHEY-X5 900g/28serv

Size: 900 g
Flavour: Baked Apple


WHEY-X5 is precisely formulated to help you to grow and maintain fat-free muscle mass. This is achieved through the rapid absorption of the whey protein isolate and protein concentrate. We use the best possible amino acid profile and a high dose of BCAAs (5.3 g per serving) that occur naturally in the whey protein. Genius Nutrition uses premium quality 100% whey protein obtained via natural filtration, which has high absorption and digestion properties, in combination with DIGEZYME® (digestive enzymes). WHEY-X5 has superior nutritional properties that are essential for anyone who wants to build muscle without storing fat and, what is more, a delicious taste.

Whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate produced via natural cold ultra-filtration technology (CWF®) that contain a high dose of essential amino acids (the ones the body is unable to produce). Whey protein is the richest source of amino acids and leucine. Researchers have discovered that an increase in leucine levels in the bloodstream triggers a boost in protein synthesis. Studies have shown that whey protein consumed before or after exercise quickly increases muscle protein synthesis rate. Whey protein is quickly absorbed and contains more leucine than other protein sources. Regular consumption of whey protein is ideal to grow and maintain muscle mass during weigh loss/muscle definition dieting when combined with exercise.

Digezyme® (digestive enzymes)
These enzymes help you to break down long and short chain peptides into smaller, more readily absorbable amino acids for maximum digestion and without wasting ingested Whey-X5 protein.

Natural flavours
This formulation contains only natural flavours, is free of artificial colours and uses the safest sweeteners.

✔ Superior flavour and taste 
✔ 25 g protein per serving
✔ High dose of BCAAs – 5.3 g
✔ Boosts muscle mass growth 
✔ Optimizes performance and post-workout recovery
✔ No added carbohydrates or sugars
✔ Mixes fast/digests fast
✔ Digestive enzymes for best absorption
✔ No added amino acids


 Workout days: Add 1 scoop of product in your shaker cup and pour 250 ml of cold water. Cover and shake for 30 seconds. Consume a serving before and/or after workout to fully benefit from the ultra-fast absorption of the product.

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