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Are you feeling uncomfortable afterwards?

The phrase "we are what we eat" is not entirely correct.

We are actually what we absorb!

Therefore, digestive enzymes are crucial for better digestion and absorption of nutrients in the gut.

Surprisingly, until relatively recently, it was little known how our digestive system actually works.

Unfortunately, most people are consuming their food, but don't have the enzymes needed to cleave the essential amino acids at the top.  And amino acid is a way of how our body repairs itself.

Also, when traced back to the source, it appears that many health issues are associated with malabsorption of nutrients due to a lack of digestive enzymes.

We believe your gut is where good health begins and stays. With GENIUS's carefully crafted blends of natural enzymes, you can absorb all the nutrients you need to revitalize your balance.

Digestive enzymes are not only useful - they are essential!

ENZYFUSE converts complex foods into smaller compounds, including amino acids, fatty acids, cholesterol, simple sugars, gluten, fibres and nucleic acids (which help create DNA). 

Enzymes are synthesized and excreted in various parts of the digestive tract, including the mouth, stomach and pancreas.

This can take most of your bloat away, reduce heartburn, stop acid reflux, leaky gut and any irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) episode. In a like manner, your bowel movements will become more regular. 

Want more energy and less trouble? This is the first and 'non-alternative' step.

Trouble is; most people have way too much-undigested proteins.

We at Genius Nutrition know how humiliating this condition can be and finding something that works is life-changing. Finally, you'll be able to live your life without experiencing extreme discomfort when consuming certain foods, whether you're in fitness or not.

ENZYFUSE is designed to help “The Non-Exercisers" too.

But that's not all.

The most substantial amount of protease (6000 u/g) in comparison to many competitors' products, meaning ENZYFUSE allows you to break down proteins more effectively, thus significantly reducing symptoms.

Our formula delivers proteolytic enzymes- enzymes that break down proteins to support sore muscles and joint discomfort or any stomach related problem.

We spared no expense either.

ENZYFUSE concentrates heavily on the proteases, and what happens is those are the most expensive enzymes to make. Research shows that they survive the intestines absorb the acidity of the stomach without being destroyed and; once protease enzymes make their way into the circulation, they take on a whole new role on promoting muscle growth.

A lot of companies cut corners on that simply because the average person isn't sophisticated enough in their education to understand the difference.

But since you're here, you're anything but average, and we researched for you with the intent of giving you the edge that maybe other competitors don't have.

Your body will get the maximum value from the foods you eat, whether its a steak or a plant-based protein diet.

100% natural & gentle but very effective

  • Boost absorption of specific vitamins, like folate, by up to 50%
  • Increase the joint-protecting benefits of glucosamine absorption by 42%
  • Heighten your glucose absorption by 55%, speeding muscle recovery
  • Repair damaged intestinal wall, which is where most absorption problems occur
  • And lift your overall energy level by as much 18%
  • Stop being gassy by 90%

  • What's inside?

    Amylase (SLL/STP-A-029) min 24000 U/g

    Protease (SLL/STP-P-021) min 6000 U/g

    Fungal Lactase (SLL/STP-L-014) min 4000 U/g

    Lipase (SLL/STP-L-016) min 1000 U/g

    Cellulase (SLL/STP-C-021) min 200 U/g

    Each one of these products is good alone but when taken together, look for amazing results.

    And we can handle the full spectrum of pH.

    Amylase (min 24000 U/g) is a digestive enzyme that acts on starch in food, breaking it down into smaller carbohydrate molecules. For carbs in general. Amylase has one additional small but essential role - processing and digesting dead white blood cells.

    Protease (min 6000 U/g) Any enzyme that breaks down protein into its building blocks, amino acids, is called a protease, which is a general term. Studies suggest that they can improve digestion, decrease inflammation, ease arthritis pain and possibly reduce symptoms related to IBS.

    Fungal Lactase (min 4000 U/g) Like other enzymes it is needed for a broad biochemical reaction in the body. The reaction that involves Lactase breaks down sugar in milk and milk-like products.

    Lipase (min 1000 U/g) is an enzyme that breaks down dietary fats into smaller molecules called fatty acids and glycerol. Perfect for people that are lactose intolerant. While lipase breaks down fats, protease processes proteins and amylase takes care of carbohydrates. When all of these enzymes are at the proper level in your body, digestion and overall health are optimal. 

    Cellulase (min 200 U/g) if you're eating a lot of veggies, just a lot of cellulose that your body struggles with, cellulase will help you with that. Another benefit is that it eliminates toxic chemicals, free radicals and other harmful organisms from cell membranes.

    Supplementing is smart but supplementing with ENZYFUSE is a power move!



    Recommeded daily dose: 1 tablet after meal.

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