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iWhey provides your body with a complete source of high quality nutrients and the most effective amino acids to help you to build muscle in a short time and to improve post-exercise recovery.

iWhey is produced via natural filtration of whey sourced from happy cows fed on a natural diet free of hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. 

iWhey has advanced absorption properties which make it a perfect pre- and post-workout supplement that provides muscles with essential nutrients for recovery. It actually contains as much as 6.9 g BCAA per serving.

iWhey fuels muscle mass growth and high-intensity exercise.

What is inside iWhey 2.0

iWhey contains 100% whey protein - a fast absorbing complete protein. Whey protein contains a high dose of BCAAs and essential amino acids which are particularly important for recovery and for the repair and development of high quality muscle mass.


Leucine is the most important amino acid for protein synthesis. One of the most researched anabolic pathways that promote muscle growth is mTOR, and leucine activates complex anabolic pathways through mTOR. In combination with the whey protein in iWhey, leucine can boost anabolic effects and, as a result, muscle mass development.

Creatine AKG | Creatine Malate | Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine has won a worldwide reputation as a natural muscle builder. Use creatine for 5 to 7 days, and we will see your muscles grow (enhanced hydration, volume, pumping) when you look into the mirror or step on the scales. Creatine promotes muscle mass growth through a number of mechanisms and makes a perfect combination with the whey protein in iWhey.

L-Alanyl L-Glutamine

It is a dipeptide molecule made up of L-glutamine and L-alanine. Supplementation with this glutamine form can enhance electrolyte absorption and increase strength. Some studies suggest that glutamine peptides can increase glutamine levels in muscles more efficiently than the plain formulation (only L-glutamine). It is also an excellent ingredient when it comes to muscle recovery.

Vitamin and mineral complex

It supports key functions, such as hydration, digestion, immunity, detoxification, antioxidative protection and muscle recovery.

Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes help to break down proteins into smaller amino acids for improved digestion and without wasting ingested iWhey protein.

iWhey 2.0 benefits from a new blending and flavouring technology so you will be impressed by its extremely delicious taste from your first shake. We are committed to offer you the most delicious flavours in the industry!

Why iWhey

Complete whey-only protein

Helps to gain muscle at a faster rate than using plain protein

Speeds up post-exercise recovery

Prevents catabolism

6.95 g BCAA per serving

Free of artificial flavours, artificial colours, and GMOs

Advanced glutamine formula: L-alanyl L-glutamine

Leucine for enhanced protein synthesis

Advanced blending and flavouring technology

Direction for use

Workout days: Add 1 scoop in your shaker cup and pour 200-300 ml of cold water. Cover and shake for 20-30 seconds. Consume 1 scoop 30 minutes before workout and 1 more scoop immediately after workout.

Non-workout days: Consume 1 scoop in the morning and 1 more scoop between meals.

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Adrian M.
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Just great

I done the smart choice

Madalina C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Cherry Flavour

The Cherry flavour is delicious and delivery was on time, especially as this was during lockdown 2.0. Very happy and I will be ordering again