iWHEY® ISOLATE 900g/28serv

Size: 900 g
Flavour: Chocolate


iWhey Isolate - 100% Natural Filtration

Genius Nutrition® proudly presents its latest innovation: iWhey® Isolate, an advanced whey protein isolate crafted through natural filtration methods. Our whey, sourced from contented cows raised on a GMO-free, chemical-free, hormone-free, pesticide-free, and antibiotic-free diet, undergoes meticulous processing to ensure unrivaled purity and quality. These stringent standards significantly elevate the excellence of iWhey® Isolate!

iWhey® Isolate represents the pinnacle of protein refinement, catering to individuals seeking to eliminate fat, sugar, and lactose from their diets. Engineered for those with heightened sensitivity to lactose, iWhey® Isolate boasts exceptionally low lactose levels compared to whey concentrates, making it the ideal protein choice for a diverse range of dietary needs. Abundant in naturally occurring amino acids essential for daily bodily functions, whey protein stands as a cornerstone of any well-rounded nutrition plan, irrespective of activity levels, aiding in muscle development.

Proven to enhance protein synthesis, promote fat metabolism, and fortify the immune system, iWhey® Isolate contributes to improved insulin sensitivity and accelerated muscle growth.

With its precisely dosed amino acids, iWhey® Isolate fosters muscle mass development while minimizing fat storage. Enriched with an ample supply of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), it exhibits potent anabolic and anticatabolic properties. Elevated levels of glutamine further shield against muscle breakdown, bolster protein synthesis, replenish glycogen reserves, facilitate post-exercise recovery, and bolster immune function.

Why iWhey® Isolate:

✔️ 100% whey protein isolate
✔️ 27 g protein per serving
✔️ Produced via natural filtration methods
✔️ Promotes lean muscle mass development
✔️ Accelerates post-exercise recovery
✔️ Free from artificial flavors, artificial colors, and GMOs
✔️ Utilizes cutting-edge blending and flavoring technology

Directions for Use:

➠ Workout Days: Blend 1 scoop with 200-300 ml of cold water in your shaker cup. Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds. Consume 1 scoop 30 minutes before your workout and an additional scoop immediately afterward.

➠ Non-Workout Days: Enjoy 1 scoop in the morning and another between meals.

↻ Adjust serving size as needed based on your individual protein requirements.

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