Syrup Zero Calories 425ml

Size: 425 ml
Flavour: Chocolate-Caramel


A wealth of flavors in healthy meals

Sugar is everywhere in your diet, whether you recognize it or not. Some bodybuilders believe this is often an honest thing, especially during the bulking phase. Although it's going to bulk you up quickly, you'll regret your sugar addiction when the cutting phase rolls around. 

However, there are healthier ways to gain mass, and eating an excessive amount of sugar can affect your health and truly hinder your progress... 

Genius Nutrition® has found a way to limit your sugar intake year-round and give you something that you'll talk about even after months.


Genius Nutrition® has introduced a guilt-free syrup that's perfect for anyone who's after something sweet but must stay away from extra calories.

Like its name says, the brand's latest non-workout product is a flavored syrup that has zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero fat with absolutely no calories.

Athletes and other individuals who care about their line, but still like to add different ingredients to their dairy products, cereals or protein shake can now do it without a shred of conscience because it will not increase the caloric value of the meal. 

The same goes for athletes who are on the strictest diet or in preparation for a competition.

What about non-exercisers?

ZERO CALORIES SYRUP is also an ideal for people who are on a caloric or keto diet, especially diabetics and all who want to taste the sweet syrup and thrill their tongue buds without the guilt they usually have.

The advantage of ZERO CALORIES SYRUP is not only its non-existing calorie value but also its outstanding taste!

This guilt-free treat is also gluten-free and lactose-free and comes in three mouthwatering flavors with Chocolate & Caramel, Chocolate & Hazelnut, and fresh Strawberry.

ZERO CALORIES Chocolate&Caramel Syrup can be used to create sweet or savory low-calorie recipes. Use it as an ingredient in homemade cakes, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods, and as a basting sauce or add it to a braising liquid in savory recipes that call for a caramel sauce.

Use ZERO CALORIES Chocolate & Caramel Syrup to flavor any of your favorite hot or cold beverages. In conjunction with your home-brewed espresso and steamed low-fat milk, you can get a delicious Caramel Macchiato at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent coffee house drink.

Add some sugar-free whipped cream, chopped nuts, and a maraschino cherry to create a dessert that will rival any ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt shop.

With Genius Nutrition®, you can achieve anything.

Hazelnut is a classic and extremely popular flavoring, and ZERO CALORIES Chocolate &Hazelnut is thick and creamy without being cloyingly sweet. You will enjoy cooking, baking, and preparing hot and cold drinks with it so much that it will quickly become a family tradition.

It is handy for flavoring hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and if you're brave, hot cocoa. It adds tremendous flavor to cold drinks like Italian sodas, shakes, and smoothies. Chocolate&Hazelnut Syrup is a delicious flavor for frostings and glazes. It is perfect for making the chocolate hazelnut cream filling for homemade 'Creme de Pirouline' wafer rolls if you combine it with caramel.

The combination of chocolate and hazelnut is an Italian tradition, so when you are finished baking your hazelnut flavored biscotti, you can dip them in melted chocolate and roll them in crushed hazelnuts for an authentic Italian taste experience.

Fruity taste? Of course.

The strawberry adds sweetness and a little 'oomph' to smoothies or protein shakes. A few squirts into a bottle of water, and your refreshment for the gym is ready.

Everyone has their preference, and with this variety of 3 packs, just about everyone should be happy (we can't help the picky one ;) ).

If you are on a bariatric protein shake diet and drinking one chocolate shake after another bored you, you can fancy it a bit by mixing it.

And who doesn't like variety?

Great flavors, many uses, excellent price, and we put them in an agile bottle to make your topping easy to use. 

100% Calorie-free dessert

  • Delicious taste
  • Diabetic, Atkins and Keto friendly
  • No carbohydrates
  • No calories, sugar, and fat
  • Does not contain lactose and gluten

  • We brought you the ideas and one crucial ingredient; now, it's up to you to squeeze them into something delicious and healthy.

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